Who Uses ReadUps? For What?

Readups works in all kinds of situations, for all types of people (at least we hope it does). But here are some suggestions for our more active communities, some things we've heard and things we recommend:

  • Teachers - upload part of your course packet (or import a classic text from Feedbooks) and have students answer questions you sprinkle throughout the text
  • Publishers - promote a book sample via a simple ReadUp URL. Even better - have the author leave a few paragraph-level notes for fans.
  • Writers - get timely feedback on your writing, at a granular level. Just paste in a chapter of text and send out the URL for review (adding the password for extra protection).
  • BookClubs - read together, no matter where you're located. 
  • Students - upload study questions and have people post answers (comments can be links, images or text)

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